Want to try speed skating?


Awesome! Good choice. We'd love to have them come out to skate with us.

We offer a three practice trial that allows anyone (age and ability) to come and try things out for free - no commitment required. We provide skates and have other protective equipment that can be borrowed. If you have any of your own equipment (listed below), we recommend bringing it.

We have two sessions at our practices during the week and an open skate on the weekend. Anyone who is coming to try speed skating with our club skates in the first session. We have ice on Tuesday (6 :00pm), Thursday (5:00pm) and Saturday (6:30am).

On your first night out, we strongly recommend coming at least 30 mins before so that we can make sure we find skates that fit you or your child properly. 

After your trial, if you want to join the club after the trial, we rent the skates out to members that join the club. 

Required Safety Equipment

  • Cut resistant gloves or mitts

  • A neck guard

  • Soccer style shin guards(hard plastic with no ankle protection)

  • Knee pads (soft, volleyball type) or built-in knee pads in skinsuits

  • Shatter-proof safety glasses with strap, goggles or visor

  • Helmet

To setup a night to skate with us, please complete the following form. If you have any questions, please feel free to include them in the message box.

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Date you want to try skating with us
Reminder: We skate on Tuesdays (6pm), Thursdays (5:00pm) & Saturdays (6:30am)
If you are scheduling a trial for more than one person, please include their name, age, skating ability, and shoe size in the message field.
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