Membership Overview

Equipment, fees, registration & code of conduct



Here's what you will need to need to start skating:

  • Cut resistant gloves or mitts
  • A neck guard
  • Soccer style shin guards or hard plastic with no ankle protection)
  • Knee pads
  • Shatter proof safety glasses with strap, goggles or visor
  • Speed skating helmet (bike helmet or hockey helmets are acceptable only for club practices)

Most of this equipment can be loaned out to the club for those who are just trying it out



Registration with our club is done online via the Membership and Affiliation System (MAS) as required by Speed Skating Canada (SSC) and the BC Speed Skating Association (BCSSA). 

Click here to visit the MAS (opens new window)

Got multiple skaters in the club? The MAS has a family account option. One login for multiple skaters. 

Manage a Family Account



2018-2019 Fees

  1. ESSC Membership: $425/350 (Adult/Youth)
  2. Skate Rental (if applicable): $75
  3. SSC/BCSSA Fees
    • Competitive* - $135
    • Recreational/Participant** - $95

$80 BC fee
$40 SSC fee
$15 fundraising levy

$60 BC fee
$20 SSC fee
$15 fundraising levy